Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Here's some really great pics.....


I don't think praying about this game helped any :)

 LOL - look at these 2 now, one's looking around like he don't know wtf is going on and the other is apparently realizing, " damn, we're screwed"

You have got to love this team, from all of us @ BBB, thank you for finally sending these pussy cats back home with a frown!

Coach Cal

People act like he is God or something. WTF is wrong with them. All he does is pretend to tell the players what to do while looking around like he dont know where the hell he is half the time. I seen him on billboards and tv, just dont get it.... why are people so obsessed with this man and why does he make so much money, he dont really do sh*t.

Just some needed high lights :) Lets bring things back to reality, UK SUCKS!

UCONN destroyed UK .....

1 point, don't matter. A win is a win, period. If I actually cared, I would probably be hearing how UK was cheated, or how they only lost by one point but played a good game. They knew they were going to lose before the game. They really should have just fortified and stayed in Lexington.....

 UK BLOWS, period!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Welcome to BIG BLUE BASHERS....

We appreciate you stopping by to tell us how much you dislike the UK Wildcats and the fans of them. We all know how much hype the cats get, but still are not sure why? Maybe it's the people of KY have nothing else to do, maybe it's them living their dreams through a ball player, who knows! We're here to find out. We want to know what YOU think. Please post your comments and let the game begin...... All teams and fans are welcome, even if you like the Wildcats :)